07: Greetings Season

07: Greetings Season

Around Halloween and while driving in my car, I turned to one of my programmed radio stations and was jolted into the holiday season with a familiar holiday classical song. While I love Frank Sinatra's voice, I had a moment of wondering of how I had arrived at this point and wondered if I was ready to participate in this season. This moment made me think about what it means to be a part of this season and participate in a comfortable, meaningful way with the people who matter the most to us. 

With another set of societal and self-made expectations and pressures, holiday-season life can become busier, more rushed and stressful. Encounter the season and make small changes that can help you to create more self awareness, do what makes you happy and navigate the season in a meaningful way. 

This podcast will include information on: potential stressors, grief and loss during the holiday season, navigating family and friend gatherings, increasing mindfulness. 



IN THIS PODCAST:                                                                  

Chris Rock and Saturday Night Live 2014

A Christmas Story (1983)

Study: Holiday Stress. Greenberg, Quinlan and Rosner



Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris

For activity ideas: Groupon and Living Social

Articles on Grief, Loss and the Holidays 

Join a MeetUp   

Volunteer and join a cause you care about. Connect with others. 



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