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33: Anxiety and Meditation for Calm

Kathleen R. Brennan, LCPC Anxiety comes in different internal experiences and intensities. The more mild anxiety can actually be useful, get us moving and help get things done. As anxiety becomes more intense, it can become more and more daunting to turn down the anxiety volume. The mind, brain and body can all be impacted with this anxious energy, rumination and worry. Discover some of the ways to bring more calm to your life. 

26: Meditation: Welcoming Change

Kathleen R. Brennan, LCPC Change is constant and to resist change often requires a lot of energy. Loosening up that focus and grip of control allows for us to encounter life with more calm. Moving with the waves of change, rather than against them, are two very different pictures. Welcoming change can be similar to moving with and riding the wave of change with which we are presented. We can make adjustments as we tune into the movement and nuances of the wave until our feet land on the ground again. 

17: Meditation: In Times of Uncertainty

This guided meditation focuses on encountering the unknown. Waiting on the "what comes next" can be uncomfortable, painful, overwhelming or be experienced as even dangerous or unsafe.  Letting goof how something needs to turn out or a vision of how it has to be can offer space for something new. Uncertainty can involve fear, anxiety, hope, waiting for answers or hoping for a particular outcome. Thinking about the future picture again and again will not change things. It can actually get in the way of problem solving, using resources that can useful or connecting with the very people who can offer support, advice or moments in relationship. 

11: Meditate. An Interview with Andrew Shykofsky

Kathleen R. Brennan, LCPC Whether you are a first-time meditator or have previous meditation experiences, discover meditation from the perspective of a meditation teacher.  Listen to this podcast interview with Andrew and join us for a guided meditation. An ordained Priest through the Holy Order of MANS, Andrew is both owner and teacher at meditate. He is also the author of his new book, Pressure.