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31: Living Your Passions with Evan Center

Kathleen R. Brennan, LCPC What are your passions? Evan Center, MS, LCPC shares her thoughts on engaging your passions in your everyday. Psychotherapist, business coach, mother, and co-founder of an independent high school, Evan is a go-getter, yet somehow manages to stay super grounded — perhaps because she has chosen to live in a mountain town where she skis, bikes, hikes, rafts, canoes, gathers huckleberries, goes to the farmers market, and carves out time to sketch floor plans, house renovation ideas, and interior design concepts keeping her mind and body happy.

17: Meditation: In Times of Uncertainty

This guided meditation focuses on encountering the unknown. Waiting on the "what comes next" can be uncomfortable, painful, overwhelming or be experienced as even dangerous or unsafe.  Letting goof how something needs to turn out or a vision of how it has to be can offer space for something new. Uncertainty can involve fear, anxiety, hope, waiting for answers or hoping for a particular outcome. Thinking about the future picture again and again will not change things. It can actually get in the way of problem solving, using resources that can useful or connecting with the very people who can offer support, advice or moments in relationship. 

10: The Walking Dead and Trauma

This podcast will look at The Walking Dead (Spoiler Alert: Seasons 1-5) through the trauma lens to provide further understanding about the different kinds of trauma, trauma aftermath and healing. Discussion will include information on: Type I and Type II traumas, PTSD, Complex PTSD.