11: Meditate. An Interview with Andrew Shykofsky

Kathleen R. Brennan, LCPC Whether you are a first-time meditator or have previous meditation experiences, discover meditation from the perspective of a meditation teacher.  Listen to this podcast interview with Andrew and join us for a guided meditation. An ordained Priest through the Holy Order of MANS, Andrew is both owner and teacher at meditate. He is also the author of his new book, Pressure. 

10: The Walking Dead and Trauma

This podcast will look at The Walking Dead (Spoiler Alert: Seasons 1-5) through the trauma lens to provide further understanding about the different kinds of trauma, trauma aftermath and healing. Discussion will include information on: Type I and Type II traumas, PTSD, Complex PTSD. 

09: After the Trauma

One who has survived the one-time or chronic, ongoing traumatic events can be impacted in different ways. This podcast will provide information to create more knowing and understanding about the potential experiences and effects that arise out of trauma.